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By , the population of foreign born African Americans in New York had grown to seventeen percent. The immigrants from the West Indies appeared different from the rank and file of migrants from the rural south in that there was almost no illiteracy among them. James Weldon Johnson, a writer of the Harlem Renaissance, wrote "they were sober-minded, had a genius for business enterprise, and that one-third of the city's Negro professionals, physicians, dentists, and lawyers were foreign born. These two populations of African Americans moving into Harlem during the 's influenced education in the kind of leadership that emerged.

Unaccustomed to the intensity of racial hostility and harassment in America, the West Indian cultural values that emphasized education, hard work, and saving led many into professional employment and made others political radicals. During the Harlem Renaissance, in spite of the paucity of library services throughout the nation, highly trained articulate scholars had emerged and were writing books, contributing articles to learned journals, and were starting scholarly journals. Carter G. Woodson, educator, had as early as established the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History and began publishing the Journal of Negro History, which continues today.

Charles H. Thompson, began editing the Journal of Negro Education, published at Howard University in , and its yearbook in succeeding years became one of the most significant sources of information about various aspects of African American life. The Harlem Renaissance, through its journals, books, essays, critiques, movies, art, music became a powerful teaching tool during the Harlem Renaissance. Philip Randolph, and Opportunity, edited by Charles Johnson for the National Urban League, all served as educational resources representing diverse interests for the improvement of life for African Americans.

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Against this backdrop, the public library system took on major significance in the spread of this literary and artistic movement in New York. It continued to be a support institution providing publicity and exposure to artists and writers alike. Private institutions and patrons also played important roles in education during the Harlem Renaissance. He began his education in a primary school in San Juan, where he studied reading, penmanship, sacred history, church history, arithmetic, Spanish grammar, history, agriculture and commerce. Arturo's fifth-grade teacher is said to have told him that "Black people have no history, no heroes, no great moments.

Arturo Schomburg would look everywhere for books by and about African people.

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He also collected letters, manuscripts, prints, playbills and paintings. He was especially proud of his collection of Benjamin Banneker's Almanacs.

Midnight In Harlem - Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi (Live At The Crossroads Festival 2010)

In fact, his library contained many rare and unusual items from all over the world. He frequently loaned objects from his personal library to the th Street Branch of The New York Public Library, which was a center of intellectual and cultural activity in Harlem. In his collection of 10, items was purchased by the Library with the assistance of the Carnegie Corporation.

He was later invited to be the curator of the new division which included his collections. Schomburg fully shared his knowledge of the history of peoples of African descent with the young scholars and writers of the New Negro movement. One of his primary motivations was to combat racial prejudice by providing proof of the extraordinary contributions of peoples of African descent to world history.

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Schomburg wrote, "I depart now on a mission of love to recapture my lost heritage. The Northeasterners Inc. Davis, Jr. The idea came to Mrs. Davis, who was impressed with the young African-American debutantes she met while visiting several cities. The idea caught on and several young women representing various states in the Northeast came together with the aim of keeping in touch with each other socially, keeping abreast of cultural trends and rendering service to the community. Club records show various projects were organized to aid community and educational causes.

The present organization is national in scope with a national constitution.

Some of the women, particularly prima ballerina Virginia Johnson, were tentative in their moves and even shaky in trying to position their feet in this very demanding work. Hugues Magen is featured dancer and was superb. Judith Rotardier, as his lover, was sweetly affecting, and Lowell Smith made a menacing lawman. The Dance Theater of Harlem prides itself on preserving American dance repertory, and does an excellent job of presenting works that otherwise would disappear because they are not performed.

Muna Serenade: A Curated Couples’ Date – Harlem, New York

He has led the troupe to international renown, but has kept its roots firmly planted in Harlem. It is a haunting and important work, whose message does not fade very quickly. All rights reserved.

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