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The orange coating on the rocks from iron hydroxide, which persisted for years, has disappeared.

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The acid levels have been sharply reduced through dozens of water-treatment projects, proven by both testing and the abundance of freshwater fish in Cheat Lake, a downstream river impoundment that has attracted an enclave of upscale homes and townhouses outside Morgantown. According to Wood, acid drainage is a fairly predictable matter of coal geology, where the nearby rock also contains iron disulfide. With mining, it will produce iron hydroxide and sulfuric acid when combined with oxygen and water that eventually finds a path down and out.

He said that hasn't happened.

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Restoring an affected waterway afterward requires costly, active treatment, he said. The state permitting agency said it does consider geology among many factors. Permits aren't approved unless an operation is deemed to meet all federal and state legal requirements, spokeswoman Kelley Gillenwater said. Amanda Pitzer, executive director of Friends of the Cheat, volunteers who monitor and work on its restoration, said the pH level, which is neutral at 7, dropped to toxic 3 and 4 after the blowout. The Muddy Creek tributary looks milky green now, still showing effects of drainage that also includes aluminum.

The creek, though improved, still has no fish. David McCoy, a state engineer, said 3. The new filtration system will use two foot clarifiers, a ton silo and hydrated lime to counter the acidity and capture the sludge of metals that settle out. That sludge will be piped to an injection well underground at a higher elevation.

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The Nature Conservancy emphasizes a "pragmatic" approach, working with businesses to promote best practices for limiting environmental impact. The economics of the transition from West Virginia's post-mining economy can't be ignored, said Fisher, the state chapter's director of conservation, and should include recreation and land and water restoration. All of that brings him back to the big question he and others are trying to answer.

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Standing on the trail, high above the softly rumbling river, he said it's about the transition from a coal-dependent economy to something else: "How do you make conservation and economic diversity work together? View the discussion thread. In the predawn hours of November 4, , a large band of rain began forming from North Carolina to West Virginia. The storm was stronger than most because it was picking up moisture from Tropical Storm Juan, which had hit the Southeast just days before.

State regulators say a discharge of water from an old mine is the likely cause of orange rocks in the Cheat River.

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Boaters reported seeing orange rocks at the mouth of Muddy Creek. The DEP says it believes something happened inside the old mine near Valley Point that created a temporary blockage, such as a roof collapse. Friends of the Cheat executive director Amanda Pitzer tells The Dominion Post that the funding will be used to design and build a river access at a railroad trestle in Rowlesburg. Recreational boaters can travel the Upper Monongahela River without hindrance for the first time in several years.

The U. Army Corps of Engineers agreed to reopen the Opekiska and Hildebrand locks for recreational use.

The locks will be open from 7 a. The the river ran orange for miles. The resulting discharge impacted not only the Cheat Canyon, but also lowered the pH in Cheat Lake to 4. American Rivers, Inc. The mine blowouts forced the issue into the public eye. Concerned citizens and stakeholders organized Friends of the Cheat FOC to begin to address the problems resulting from over a century of coal mining. Millions of dollars in projects have been implemented since , including water monitoring programs, water quality assessments, and reclamation projects.

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Whitewater rafting on the Cheat River. Last week, Wilderness Voyageurs guides observed stoneflies on the Cheat. This year the festival is on May 5 and 6.