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Return to Book Page. Formerly undercover, she now leads a task force that has trailed meth from the Mexican border to Wisconsin. Teamed up with the Milwaukee Police Special Crimes Unit, they fight a daily battle with drugs, sex crimes, and murders, but her investigation has hit a wall—on the streets and within her organiza ATF Special Agent, Allison Jacob has never had an assignment like this.

Teamed up with the Milwaukee Police Special Crimes Unit, they fight a daily battle with drugs, sex crimes, and murders, but her investigation has hit a wall—on the streets and within her organization. Immediately, Katie presents another kind of battle for AJ.

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Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Aug 18, Lex Kent rated it really liked it Shelves: f-f-bsb-romance , f-f-action-romance , locked-cops-feds-pi-read-in , f-f-crime. I have had this book in my library for years but never got to read it. With the sequel finally coming out, six years after this was first released, it gave me the kick to finally read this.

This was a good action-crime book. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It does have some romance, but this is more a crime book. What really made this book shine for me were the characters. Not only were the two mains very likeable, but the secondary characters were good too. While I could ha 3. While I could have used more chemistry between the two mains, the fact that I liked them so much, made me believe in them as a potential couple. It looks like the new book will have the mains from this one in it, but it appears one of the secondary characters I liked so much might actually be the main star.

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Civil War Era Jacob's Ladder

Katie Blackburn's night is thrown into turmoil when she gets to her car to find a bleeding, near-death woman in the back. It only gets worse when the victim is found to be a major player in a drug manufacturing-and-dealing organisation. After a long night at the police station she is finally interviews by Allison Jacob, the ATF agent in charge of the task force trying to shut down the Milwaukee drug trade. The romance isn't an after-thought and it is woven in right from the beginning but it isn't an overwhelming part of the novel. Both AJ and Katie haven't had great relationship experiences and find it surprising that they open up to each other so easily.

Jacob’s Ladder: A Story of Virginia During the Civil War

Their communication is one of the things I liked most in the story. The tension is brought into the crime aspect of the book which I really appreciate because miscommunication really irritates me. I read this in anticipation of a second book but I have a feeling that it won't be necessary to read this in order to understand or enjoy Jacob's Grace. This was a complete story in terms of both crime and romance. Good read. View all 8 comments. Mar 23, Jem rated it really liked it Shelves: cops-feds-detectives , thriller.

Rowlands has another winner on her hands. An excellent and realistic police procedural about drug dealers and killers. I like how the author's characters always felt like real people in real jobs rather than some hot shot spy with drop dead looks and even deadlier hooks. She is an excellent story teller and her plot is very well done. Also like the attention given to the secondary characters not too much, but just enough insight for them to appear to me as people rather than caricatures.

I also love the way the author uses the secondary characters' interactions with the leads to get more out of their backgrounds. She never needs to tell us what her characters did, felt and what they went through Nothing plot, characters, baggage felt contrived or over the top. My only gripe with the plotting has to do with the bad guys. They aren't very smart if they're trying to stay under police radar. But thats nitpicking.

The Universe Unraveling is a provocative reinterpretation of U. Seth Jacobs argues that Laos boasted several advantages over South Vietnam as a battlefield, notably its thousand-mile border with Thailand, whose leader was willing to allow Washington to use his nation as a base from which to attack the communist Pathet Lao. More significant in determining U. Jacobs contends that U.

Drawing on diplomatic correspondence and the work of iconic figures like "celebrity saint" Tom Dooley, Jacobs finds that the characteristics American statesmen and the American media attributed to the Lao—laziness, immaturity, and cowardice—differed from the traits assigned the South Vietnamese, making Lao chances of withstanding communist aggression appear dubious. The Universe Unraveling combines diplomatic, cultural, and military history to provide a new perspective on how prejudice can shape policy decisions and even the course of history.

Aid Program in Laos 4. Seth Jacobs. The Universe Unraveling. Although the heart of Jacobs's book is about cultural attitudes, one real strength is that he integrates them into a fairly traditional diplomatic history narrative that explains cogently the intricacies of Lao politics and American policy. In The Universe Unraveling , historian Seth Jacobs demonstrates the importance of understanding America's foreign policy toward Laos in the s as a key factor in its later direct involvement in South Vietnam. Jacobs illustrates how the confused and contemptuous foreign policy of John Foster Dulles's State Department was chiefly responsible for Kennedy's ultimate decision to stay out of Laos.

Jacobs argues persuasively that Washington's largely chaotic Laos policy 'bound America more tightly to its client state of South Vietnam' and thus drew it deeper into the quagmire of war there. In fact, Empire Magazine ranked her the 15th best comic book character ever. Why personify death this way? Death is frightening, yes, but it can also be merciful. And, as the character does in the comics, death can sometimes teach us important lessons about life.

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Take note, writers. Personification can change our understanding of forces that might otherwise confound or disturb us.

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Neil Gaiman wrote about them in his novel Good Omens, which he co-authored with the late Terry Pratchett. Also, Gaiman and Pratchett take the common hyperbole of a trait worth killing for a make it literal. What can writers learn about personification from Scarlett?

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War the concept is a fight on an epic scale. So War the character starts fights with her mere presence. The Technical Boy is a chubby kid who digs meaningless buzzwords and Diet Coke. His mannerisms remind one of a teenager who got too famous too fast. Gaiman wrote American Gods in , so there are no references to Twitter, live streaming, or phones that function like computers.

New technology is just as arrogant, fleeting, and self-important as it ever was.