O Natal Está Ao Virar Da Esquina (Portuguese Edition)

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We are within a short walk from two cafes. Canastra Cafe is just around the corner and Infusion is just 2 minutes down the street. If you wish to pick up anything, two large supermarkets Continente and Pingo Doce are both within 5 minutes walking distance. A bright flat where the location is its most valuable trait. The flat has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen and a big living room.

Caldas da Rainha is well known for its therapeutic thermal waters but also for its glazed ceramic pottery. Portuguese typical house in one beautiful small village. Perfect to relax and enjoy the peaceful environment. Guests benefit from terrace. Free WiFi is prov. Casa da Rita by APPortuguesa. Peniche possui uma excelente gastronomia, belas praias e muito surf. The property comprises a self-contained spacious 2 bedroom apartment with outside seating and dining area and a swimming pool.

The property is situated in a very quiet village with a cafe and restaurant just up the road. There are lovely views over the local rolling hillsides and the area is ideal for walking. The local towns of Rio Maior, Bombarral and Caldas da Rainha can all be reached in less than 15 minutes by car. The stunning Atlantic coast at Foz do Arelho is 25 minutes away. The apartment is self-contained and spacious. There is access to outside areas including a swimming pool, barbecue and outside dining area. There is parking available for several cars. The property is in a very quiet rural village with limited public transport.

Having your own vehicle is essential in order to be able to fully appreciate all that the local area has to offer.

Synonyms and antonyms of carilho in the Portuguese dictionary of synonyms

Hill View. Nice room in a very beautiful city, Caldas da Rainha, 30km away from Nazare, where the biggest wave in the world was surfed, 15 minutes away from Foz do Arelho beach, Sao Martinho do Porto beach and 5 minutes away from Obidos Village. Nice bedroom in Caldas da Rainha. It has a very quite and pleasant garden. The house has 3 suites independent open directly to the garden. This room can accommodate from 2 up to 3 guests.

The rooms can accommodate from 2 up to 4 guests, all have a private bath. Garden suite — room 2 accommodates 2 , Garden suite — room 3 up to 3 , Garden suite — room 4 up to 4 A cradle can also be provided for any of the rooms. Includes a continental breakfast, we can adapt by request. Through the garden the guests can access the kitchen by demand to make their own breakfast which can be enjoyed in the garden. Ideal for romance, families or artists due the inspiring relaxed ambiance and nostalgic details of the space.

Outside, in good weather, the guests can make a barbecue or make a fire to get warm in the evening. Guests can safely park, in the patio, their own bikes or use ours. Games, toys and books are also available. The kitchen is spacious and fully equipped. There is a toilet on the ground floor and a private patio with outdoor furniture and barbecue. There are 2 bedrooms upstairs 1 double and 1 twin - can accommodate up to 4 guests and a main bathroom with bath and shower. All bed linen and towels are provided and the electricity and water consumed are included in the rental price.

From the living room and the master bedroom you can enjoy beautiful views of the valley. The communal swimming pool and a small children's playground can be enjoyed approximately 20 meters from the property. These amenities are only shared among the residents of the 14 properties that make up the allotment. There is free parking in front of the property. For stays during the colder months, the property offers free central heating for a comfortable and cozy stay.

This is a charming property in a beautiful rural location called A Dos Negros, overlooking a valley of apple and pear trees and the river that flows there. De living is ruim en zeer licht. Er is een badkamer met douche en een aparte slaapkamer. Er is een wasmachine. Buiten mag u gebruikmaken van de tuin van m2. De buurt en de woning zijn super rustig. Achter het huis is nog een bosje waar het leuk wandelen is. Op 5 km is er Caldas da Rainha, met zijn super mooi park, en met alle voorzieningen.

Casa do Moinho provides you an excellent natural environment. Located near Serra do Montejunto, a perfect area for outdoor walks. If you do not know, we want provide you what Portugal has to offer - climate, gastronomy, surf, beach, fishing, natural beauty and tranquility. Come and visit one of the world best "corners". Reserve it and we will be here with open arms to receive you. Casa do Moinho - Green Energy. Um deles com cama de casal em baixo. O apartamento tem seis quartos, uma cozinha bem equipada e limpa com dois quartos privativos de casal, dois de solteiro, ambiente familiar.

A cidade possui a maior comunidade francesa em Portugal. Cidade elegante, pessoas acolhedoras e gentis. Compartilhado 7 pessoas 03 Beliches - Quarto Appartement baignait de soleil, proche des plages. Perfeito para turismo de cidade! Hot Springs Residence. Popular experiences in Leiria. Explore nearby. Lisbon 70 km away. Cascais 77 km away. Sintra 65 km away. Peniche 23 km away. Ericeira 50 km away. Coimbra km away. Estoril 75 km away. Sesimbra km away. Costa da Caparica 79 km away.

Argivai km away. Comenda km away. Sao Goncalo km away. That was an insight moment for me. Want to learn them in a wink of an eye? Just print them out, cut them into flashcards and keep them with you wherever you go. The bathroom is my favorite classroom! Common Words — A Matter of Perspective 3. B The best is yet to come! C The sun is up for everyone. O sol nasceu pra todos.

B Which is your favorite day of the week? C Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. B To every problem there is a solution. C Did you lend any money to my brother? C They hugged and kissed each other very much! B A moment, please. Um momento, por favor. C How much is a hamburger with fries? Eu quero pagar em dinheiro. B My best friend lives in Japan. Onde fica o banheiro? B He is working downstairs. C Portuguese is a beautiful language! Grupo 01 — Palavras 01 a 52 5. B What do you think about it? B Where do you work? C Can you speak slower, please? B How much is that one? C I know that you can do it.

B What does he do? O que ele faz? C He is my best friend. Ela era uma boa professora? B It was very cold last night! C Her mother was present in most of the meetings. C Good evening. A table for 4, please. Boa noite. Uma mesa para quatro, por favor. B The article continues on page C Why does she get up so early on the weekends?

B Are you hungry? C Where are you from? Eu moro com meus pais. B He liked to work as a taxi driver. C As it was getting late, we decided to come home. Eu te amo. B Can I help you? Eu posso te ajudar? C I need you tomorrow morning. B Do you agree with his ideas? C Have you seen his new girlfriend? B I love children, but they ask too much!

C They are learning Portuguese on the Web. B He wants to be an engineer. Ele quer ser engenheiro. C I want to be with you forever. C She studied Portuguese at college. B Can you count from one to ten in Portuguese? Temos que terminar isso hoje! B How many children do you have? B Can you sign in this dotted line? Pode assinar nesta linha pontilhada? C I want to finish this project in time. Eu quero terminar este projeto a tempo.

Eles moram muito longe da escola. B Is it Wednesday or Thursday today? C Do you live near of far from here? Eles tinham muito em comum. B She had a great surprise. Ela teve uma grande surpresa. C I had never heard about that! Eu nunca tinha ouvido sobre isso! Meus filhos adoravam viajar de carro. B The book was written by an ex-prisoner. C He prefers to be called by his nickname. Ele prefere ser chamado pelo apelido. May I turn on fan? Posso ligar o ventilador? B How much is a hot dog and a soda? C Do you consider these Common Words a 'hot tip' to learn Portuguese faster? B I have no words to express my gratitude.

C You have my word. B My English is fluent, but I speak just a little Portuguese. C What did you say? Algumas coisas nunca mudam. B They returned from Brazil some years ago. C Some friends are closer than brothers. B We used to go to school together. Como eu posso te ajudar?

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B Can I take a message? Posso anotar recado? C Everyone can learn a foreign language. Todo mundo. Sai da frente! B Is it cold out today? C Someone phoned for you while you were out. Por outro lado B They were made for each other. Eles foram feitos um pro outro. C She was waiting for me on the other corner.

Ela estava me esperando na outra esquina. B We were leaving when they arrived. C All the kids were talking at the same time. B All my friends agree. Todos os meus amigos concordam. C After all these years, they are still together I will be there. C Are you working there yet? C She was only sixteen when she had her first baby. C The water was up to the level of the windows. Posso usar seu telefone? C If I were you, I would use the most beautiful dress tonight! B Does your husband like cooking?

Seu marido gosta de cozinhar? C Do you learn Portuguese in your free time? B How do you spell it? Como se soletra? C How can I get to the bus station? Ela disse que viria sozinha. B He said he was feeling the same. Ele disse que estava sentindo o mesmo. C They said you are going to be hired. C She told us an interesting story B Each day brings its own challenges. C Each of us sees the world differently. B She is not as smart as you think. C She said those were the happiest days of her life.

Ela disse que aqueles foram os dias mais felizes da vida dela. C Can you guess which one is me in this photo? Pode me fazer um favor? B Do your best, and good things will follow. C What do you think of these Common Portuguese Words? B Do you still have their telephone number? C Their parents need to know about it. Os pais deles precisam saber disso. B Time flies when you're enjoying yourself. B Go with him, if you want.

C If you won the lottery, what would you do? B I will give you a lift! Vou te dar uma carona! C Whether they care or not about it, even so I will do my best. B There are several ways of earning a living! Existem muitas maneiras de se ganhar a vida! C Which do you think is the best way to go? B I'm worried about your sister C What do you say about it?

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O que me diz disso? B Mostly adults don't know how to deal with teenagers. C In my job, there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Grupo 02 — Palavras 53 a B First he denied it. Then, he told me the truth. Primeiro ele negou. Depois, me contou a verdade. C Tell her the whole truth. Then she'll agree with you.

Conte a ela toda a verdade. B Do you still remember them? C I had never seen them before! Eu nunca os tinha visto antes! Eu sempre quis escrever livros infantis. B She learned how to write when she was five! Ela aprendeu a ler quando ela tinha cinco anos! C My mother wrote me 64 letters - which I still keep after all these years. A I would you like to stay alone. Eu gostaria de ficar sozinho. C Would you like to come with us? B If you could learn any language in the world, which one would you choose? B He speaks exactly like his father.

Ele fala igualzinho ao pai. C I would like to meet him at five sharp. B So, what do you intend to do now? C Thank you for being so patient with him. B Are you enjoying these days? C Who gave you these candies? Quem te deu estas balas? Esqueci o nome dela de novo! B Did you remember her birthday? C Why don't you send her some flowers?

B How long have you been studying Portuguese? C I've been waiting for such a long time! B Will it make any difference? C Can I make a collect call? B The last thing to do is to try to memorize them all! C Things are getting better B I haven't seen her for ages C See you later. Te vejo mais tarde. B My brother has been to Japan for six months. I miss him so much! Que saudades dele! C Your sister is driving him crazy! B Craig's father was a missionary in C She bought a new dress two weeks ago! Ela foi convidada? B He has a very funny face! C She has to start working at 4am!

The bride is coming B She looks like her brother. B Would you like some more food? Quem mais um pouco mais de comida? C The more you learn, the more you can. B Can you still remember that day? C Have a nice day! Tenha um bom dia! B Excuse me, could I just say something?

Translation of «carilho» into 25 languages

C I couldn't find my keys. It was very dark. Estava muito escuro. B Can't you go a bit faster? C Would you like to go by bus wity me? B If you ever be in Rio, come and visit us. C I'm sorry. I couldn't come earlier. B Where did you live ten years ago? C Did you know my father?

B Please, write your phone number here. C Which number did you dial?

Meaning of "carilho" in the Portuguese dictionary

Poderia abaixar o som, por favor? B That sounds like a very good idea! C Can you hear that sound? Proibido fumar. B "Have you got any question? B Most of Brazilians are friendly guys. C I don't drink beer, but I like most types of juices. B How many people are coming with you? C Smart people study foreign languages. Pessoas inteligentes estudam idiomas. B My top priority is to help you learn Portuguese. C My father can still recite some poems he learned by heart at school.

Meu pai ainda recita de cor os poemas que ele aprendeu na escola. B It's no use crying over spilt milk. C I told them more than once not to jump over that fence anymore. B If only I knew that before Se eu soubesse disso antes C I don't know all the answers. But I know where to look for them. B Can I have a mineral water, please? B It's even better to pay it forward than late. C However, paying late is better than never paying. B What's her new book called? Como se chama o novo livro dela?

C I just called to say 'I love you'. B I will tell my parents the truth. Vou contar a verdade aos meus pais. C I still remember our first kiss Ainda me lembro do nosso primeiro beijo Quem sabe? B Who is your best friend? C This is the teacher whom I told you about. Posso entrar? B There may be better methods C Don't mention anything about her yet.

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B Can you please turn the TV down? Pode abaixar o volume da TV? C Don't look down, or you will get dizzy. Qual lado fica pra cima? B They sat side by side on the floor. Vamos considerar os dois lados da moeda Como tem passado? B I have been waiting him for ages. C Uh-oh, I think I've heard that joke before C Teenagers hardly ever can wait. They want everything right now.

Eles querem tudo agora. B How did you find this little store? C Researchers found a cure for HIV! Os pesquisadores descobriram a cura para a AIDS! Alguma pergunta? B I can't see any problem with her. C Have you got any news about the election results? B After all these years, her scriptures are still brand new! C My son is very creative. He is always coming up with new ideas. B How long have you been working there? C My watch stopped working again! A prova tem duas partes: a oral e a escrita.

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B She started working part-time when our first baby was born. C Vocabulary acquisition is an essential part of language learning. Vamos dar um passo de cada vez. B Can you take these bags upstairs? C Learning a new language takes time and effort. B He has got a 3 in his exam. He needs to learn Portuguese quickly! Ele tirou 3 na prova. C I got a telephone call from him last night.

Eu recebi um telefonema dele noite passada. B Hey!

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  • C Do you feel comfortable in your place of work? B Her dress was made of pure silk. O vestido dela foi feito de pura seda. C That company still makes herbicides. B How long have you been living there? C I hope I live to see my great grandchildren. Espero viver para ver meus bisnetos. B Where are we going? C Do you like the place where you live? B My wife keeps working from morning to night, day after day. C What about going to the movies on the day after tomorrow? Grupo 03 — Palavras a B I'm busy right now.

    Can I call you back? Estou ocupado no momento. Posso te ligar de volta? C Reading those old letters again brings me back a lot of good memories. Um pequeno sorriso pode salvar seu dia. B Our wedding rings came in a little black box. C If order to learn Portuguese, start by reading these Common Words little by little.

    B If you want my help, just ask. C Only you can make my dreams come true. B Does the Moon go round the Earth? A Lua gira em torno da Terra? C The idea had been going round and round in my head for a long time. Meu pai era um homem muito criativo. B We talked for hours as man to man. Conversamos por horas, de homem pra homem. C That young man called us again last night. Aquele rapaz ligou de novo noite passada. B I achieved most of my goals last year.

    Eu atingi a maioria das minhas metas ano passado. C You can learn Portuguese in one year. Eles vieram de carro. B We came straight from work! Viemos direto do trabalho! C She came towards me, crying a lot. B It shows us that time keeps going by. C Just show me the way. I can go on my own. Eu posso ir sozinho. B Every time I looked at her, she was looking at you! C Every day brings new opportunities. Cada dia traz novas oportunidades. Ele desenhava muito bem! B Good morning. Did you sleep well? Bom dia. C No good thing comes without efort and sacrifice.

    B Could you pass me the salt? Poderia me passar o sal? B Why don't you give him a chance? C She gave me a good piece of advice. Ela me deu um bom conselho. B We bought our first car last year. Comprei nosso primeiro carro ano passado. C Our friendship goes back to when we were at school together. Nossa amizade vem desde o tempo de escola. O garoto escondeu embaixo da cama. B The situation is already under control.

    B What a beautiful name! Que nome bonito! C He put his own name in all his children! Muito obrigado. B That's very kind of you. C Portuguese is a very beautiful language. B The ball came through the window. C Ghosts can pass through the walls. B I just call to say 'I love you'. C Don't worry. He was just kidding. B They would form a beautiful couple. Eles formariam um bonito casal. C Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. B Are you in favor of death sentence? C How many sentences do you already know?

    B It is great to see you again! Que bom te ver de novo! C Besides every great man there stands a great woman. Ao lado de um grande homem existe sempre uma grande mulher.

    B I think that life could be much simpler. Eu acho que a vida poderia ser mais simples. C What do you think about learning a new language? O que acha de aprender um novo idioma? B How do you say that in Portuguese?

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    C Can you say some of these Common Words by heart? Pode me ajudar, por favor? A How can I help you in anything? Eu posso te ajudar em alguma coisa? B The temperature has been low for several weeks. C You must consider the highs and lows before choosing a career. Assine seu nome na linha pontilhada. B We had to stand in line for 30 minutes! Tivemos que ficar na fila por 30 minutos!

    C They told us to form a line in order to receive the instructions. B Though twins usually look alike, those differ in everything! C Family responsibilities differ greatly between men and women. B Get in line and and wait your turn! Entre na fila e espere sua vez! C Turn right at the traffic lights, please. A My great grandfather died of natural causes. C I'm working for a cause — helping you learn Portuguese! A These two languages are much similar. C They earned much money last year. Eles ganharam bastante dinheiro no ano passado.

    O que isto significa? B Do you know what I mean? C Her job means the world to her. Eu nunca a tinha visto antes. B Wash your hands before eating, kids! C Before you make a decision, pray. There's a little bug in your back! Tem um bichinho nas suas costas! B They moved two weeks ago. C Have you moved again? Por que ele nunca faz nada certo? B You are the right person for this job. C If you've come so far, you are on the right track to learn Portuguese.

    Meu garotinho tem cinco anos. B We have two boys and a girl. C Boys and girls never seem to agree. Meninos e meninos nunca se entendem. A Nobody is too old to love, or to be loved. B How old were you when you learned how to swim? B Nice to meet you, too! C That's too good to be true! Pra mim pode trazer o mesmo. B We have the same last name. C Their birthday is in on the same day!

    B Tell me a bit about yourself Me fale um pouco sobre si mesmo B Why don't you tell him the whole truth? B What does your brother do? C Doesn't she look younger in this dress? B Will you set the table, please? Quer aprontar a mesa, por favor? C We loved to watch the sun set when we were on the beach. B She graduated in Portuguese three years ago. C One is too little, two is enough - three is too much! B Where do you want to go tonight? C If there's something I want to learn, it's how to play the violin! B Open the windows to let the room air a little bit. Abra as janelas para arejar o quarto um pouquinho.

    C Go hiking is good to exercise and get some fresh air. B Well, what shall we do now? Bem, o que vamos fazer agora? C My father played the violin very well. Meu pai tocava violino muito bem. B She is a singer, and also a dancer. C He is a teacher, and also writes books for children. Toque de novo, John. B Do you know how to play the guitar? C Why don't you play with them now? B From small things come big things. C For me the difference between 'small' and 'little' is not very clear.

    C Please don't tell me the end yet. I still want to read the book. Eu ainda quero ler o livro. B Put your hand in the hand of God. C He put his name in all his books. Ele colocou o nome em todos os livros dele. Lar, doce lar. B Charity begins at home, doesn't it? C It's late. I think we would better go home. B Have you ever read 'The Little Prince'?

    C I read the book you lent me from cover to cover. I really want to learn Portuguese! Grupo 04 — Palavras a B They walk hand in hand! C All his toys were made by hand. Todos os navios do porto eram brancos. B The port of the computer was broken. A entrada do computador estava quebrada. B This flat is too large for just the two of us. C I think we need a larger car. Acho que precisamos de um carro maior. Como se soletra seu sobrenome? C Children love spelling games. B Add some flour to save the cake! Ponha um pouco de trigo para salvar o bolo! C Add your motivation to our resources.

    B With these Common Words, you learn Portuguese even without noticing it! C Even if I had it, I wouldn't give it to you. B We will land in Rio at 3pm. C America is the land of liberty. Volte aqui! B Sign here, please. Assine aqui, por favor. C Could you please bring it here? B You must be joking!

    C We must go to bed. Precisamos ir dormir. Grandes sonhadores fazem grandes coisas. B Have you ever faced a big dog? C Think big. There's no limit to your achievements. Pense grande. B Language Learning demands a high level of motivation. C If you want to fly high, it is better to warm up your wings There's no such thing as an easy life. Eu te disse. B She is leaving tomorrow again. You know - such is life.

    C I tried to tell him in such a way that he wouldn't get upset. Siga me como eu sigo a Ele. B Please, follow the instructions. C The best leaders are good followers. Ele agiu sem pensar B You are acting like a child! C Have you ever acted in a play? C Why do you want to learn Portuguese? Posso te pedir um favor?