Crowdfunding, nuove comunità economiche (Italian Edition)

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Macao blossomed under the Mayorship of Giuliano Pisapia and the large coalition of left wing parties that he led, that succeeded at the local elections in Milan after decades of right-wing coalitions governing the City. The group of activists, artists and creative workers were evicted some days after the occupation, but a few weeks later they managed to occupy and move into a former slaughterhouse, in Via Molise 12, were they are still based. In the initial phase of the path, thousands of people participated to the Macao activity.

After the first months of activity, the participation considerably shrank to people in late The building that Macao is currently occupying is publicly owned, and located in a semi-peripheral area of the city.

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The occupation is therefore illegal, but the City undertook a strategy based on tolerance and informality. In the early summer of , the City of Milan set up a negotiation board to deal with City-owned abandoned spaces with a potentiality for social innov ation purpose [1]. The aim of the negotiation board was to find ways to include even informal associations or autonomous organizations or collectives. Macao accepted to participate to the negotiation.

However the dialogue did not produce substantial results. The Resolution was not approved by the City Government in charge. The building where Macao is currently based is formally owned by a publicly owned company, Sogemi S. Macao therefore decided to implement a proactive strategy and proceed with the acquisition of the building, following the successful model of collective property adopted by the Mietzhauser Sindakat, a German reality.

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One year after the first manifestation of interest, in , this community decided to occupy one of the colonic houses of the farm. Currently, 20 people are living in the farm and collectively manage it. Is an alternative solution, meaning another building in another place, just good enough for real commons? Commons is about the social process of commoning as many thought leaders and scholars say. Some progressive cities like Bologna are adopting an approach to this kind of experiences that is definitely advanced compared to the average of Italian Cities.

As a matter of fact, the institutional strategy to address illegal occupations so far has been two-folded: regularizations where the City Government was led by radical left wing or radical social right wing coalitions and evictions where the City Government was led by liberal, pro-market centre-right and sometimes also centre-left coalitions. Some cities like Bologna have chosen a third path, based on the recognition of the social value produced by those experiences and on a public-commons bargaining process, whereby such collectives in exchange for leaving an occupied space, the social reality involved would have been allowed to find an appropriate arrangement with the support of the City Government.

If the commons want to succeed they need to fight with instruments similar to those that other economic actors use. Also imagination is civic when it is concerned with society and not, for Instance, with individual aspiration. The role of the public sphere bureaucracy and politics in this game should change. Primarily, it should avoid any extreme repressive attitudes, understanding the added value coming from such initiatives. It can be configured as a constitutional principle in Italy, pursuant to articles 2, 9, 67 e 98 [7].

Iaione, The Platform State, available here: www. Miami Inter-Am. Baiocchi et al. And just like water and electricity, it should be available to everyone, regardless of circumstance. Building entirely new networks, cities, supported by internet service providers and mobile carriers is good but it would be better if you are able to leverage already existing networks, like all the private residential Wi-Fi networks that are already spread throughout the city. Imagine turning every home currently connected to the internet into a mini Wi-Fi hotspot serving the public, so that anytime a subscriber walked past a participating home network their phones would automatically connect to that Wi-Fi network, thereby lessening their own data charges and significantly reducing the strain on mobile carrier networks.

All this is made possible by home subscribers giving up a small, likely unused, percentage of their Wi-Fi to make it available for public use. This kind of initiative started a couple of years ago in Spain, where Martin Varsavsky founded a company Fon with the mission of blanketing the world with Wi-Fi. That means you can check and send emails, use your social network, watch videos and browse the web, all without spending money.

Luckily, all over the world there are a lot of Wi-Fi communities that have a common, simple and fast operation. Secondly, you must download the dedicated app for smartphones and tablets where entering your username and password. Once installed, the app will use your location to show a list of nearby free hotspots that can be in bars, hotels, shops, schools, hospitals, banks but also in private homes. The active investment, essentially, defines the equity based model, which is going to be the most important crowdfunding manifestation for the SMEs. Looking at a generalized context, Crowdfunding, on the whole, acts in different but correlated directions: supplies financial resource, offers markets insights, lets the Small and Medium Enterprises to engages venture capital Wardrop et al.

Thus, Crowdfunding represents an alternative finance market.

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Following the presented peculiarities of investing crowdfunding, it could be considered as a subset of crowdfunding in the whole that could be easily defined as crowdinvesting. Crowdinvesting allows people to directly answer to the financial resource need expressed by a specified project. Some authors Mollick, ; Agrawal et al.

Moreover, the experience of civic crowdfunding in few European countries Gray, ; The Economist, ; Hollow, ; Davies, showed how the probability to produce widespread social benefits catalyses people in order to fund projects and to reach the expected funding goal. Thus, the social element seems to be crucial as well the above quoted ones.

Looking at the equity crowdfunding model, this influence expressed by the social vocation seems to be unclear, unless scholars will steer the attention to social enterprises. Going in depth of the source of financial need, considering the composition of a community — made by individuals with different needs — the entrepreneurial and financial institutions have to face a huge variety of formulation of intents, so they are influenced by a lot of actors, according to the stakeholder theory. All these individuals could be grouped into a lot of niches that crowdfunding phenomenon seems to be able to engage, following the evidence of the application of the long tail theory Anderson, It means innovation that produces both economic and social human outcomes.

These aspects clarify the increasing attention from scholars and practitioners on this financial tool.

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Even Governments are interested in crowdfunding, the U. Government, for example, was the first who put its attention on this new investment vehicle, understanding the inner potential represented by crowdfunding for the new emerging enterprises. Government like the Italian one decided to study the phenomenon and released regulations about crowdfunding.

Social Innovation Social innovation is a wide concept hard to define, anyway, looking at its main target, it could be expressed as the ensamble of activities and innovative behaviours for social targets oriented to create shared value Austin et al.

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Literature uses both the words as synonymous, but Voorberg et al. In service oriented organizations, the participants, treated like partners are: co-implementers; co-designer; co-initiators. Thus, co-creation and co-production are strongly related. Thus, following the literature review about social innovation, the collaboration within a plurality of actors, as it happens in a hybrid dimension synthesized by the Quadruple Helix Model, is a source of social innovation that is, by definition, a collective creative process shared by a plurality of actors, which positive effects hits the entire society.

The whole research aims to analyse the new emerging financial tool, known as crowdfunding, with the purpose to understand and explain how it collaborates with the main traditional financial mechanisms used by enterprises social enterprises and Public Administration. The focus is led on civic crowdfunding and the impact of social vocation on the success of a crowdfunding campaign. Throughout a study about the experience of the start-ups, impact investing funds and venture philanptropy, author focalized his attention on the importance of the shared value creation and social vocation in leading a successful crowdfunding campaign.

This main purpose, found its reason in the crisis of Welfare State and the changes in the socio-economic context, that put the Public Administration face to face with the stakeholders subjects of its activity. These are changes clearly shaped in innovations that are collected by new entrepreneurial and financial vehicles, consignees of PA outsourcing processes and devoided of the no-profit qualification Young, Since the inception of the initiative, we have helped more than ten refugees become more financially independent and, by extension, more integrated in Roman life.

Currently there are six refugees actively working as part of the team. They just want a chance. Hummustown wants to be just that. The chance.

Tiziano Bonini | University of Siena / Università di Siena -

We will also provide periodic written or video updates of the project progress. Myself and all the members of Hummustown are available to meet in Rome with any project supporter eager to know more about the project, and once the Hummustown headquarters are ready, its doors will always be open for any project supporter wishing to visit and know more about our activities.

Other future plans While we started out responding to the influx of Syrians to Rome, our big dream is to help all refugees use their cultural and culinary know-how to bring even more eclectic deliciousness to Rome. Thank You! Per espandere il progetto vogliamo acquisire uno spazio che includa una cucina industriale, uno spazio per uffici, una sala riunioni e una reception per gli ordini diretti. Stiamo raccogliendo fondi per coprire i costi operativi del progetto per 12 mesi e consentire a questa impresa sociale di spiccare il volo.

The Co-operation Advantage and the new Theory of Niches

Mi chiamo Shaza Saker. Sono una siriana che vive e lavora a Roma e voglio permettere ai rifugiati siriani di mantenersi dignitosamente portando la tradizione culinaria siriana a Roma. Per superare le barriere linguistiche che i rifugiati devono affrontare, insieme ad amici, colleghi e familiari ho fornito ai rifugiati gli elementi per poter iniziare questa impresa.

Attualmente ci sono sei rifugiati che lavorano attivamente come parte della squadra. Hummustown vuole essere proprio questo. Per cosa stiamo raccogliendo fondi Attraverso questa campagna stiamo raccogliendo fondi che permetterebbero a Hummustown di avere la propria cucina professionale, un ufficio, una sala riunioni e una reception per gli ordini diretti.

Il budget include anche fondi per sostenere il progetto con un anno di spese generali. Forniremo inoltre aggiornamenti periodici scritti o video sullo stato di avanzamento del progetto. In passato, abbiamo sostenuto profughi etiopi, iracheni e palestinesi e siamo aperti a qualsiasi suggerimento. Grazie Shaza. Read Latest Update.

Update 5.

Posted by Shaza Saker. Back in when my father retired, he decided to donate a percentage of his retirement fund for a worthwhile cause in his tiny birth town of Dey'ett Kroom, just outside Latakia in Syria. With these funds he built a small family clinic to serve the population of 3, people living there. Prior to that, the town was not served by any medical facility and locals had to travel far for even the most basic care. Today this clinic has grown from a small initiative to an integral part of this previously underserved community, providing everything from basic care, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, health screening and much more.

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Following my father's philanthropic spirit, I have tried to emulate his generosity and sense of responsibility and action through the the work I do with Hummustown as well as fundraising for this clinic whenever I can. The clinic continues to serve a needy community but is facing continuous challenges in the midst of a volatile economic climate and hyper inflation. Just recently we raised about Euro 1, which we used to buy medications such as insulin that have increased dramatically in price due to shortages in the local market. This year for my birthday, and to honor my father's legacy, I would like to go a step further and buy some urgently needed medical equipment such as a mobile ultrasound machine that would allow physicians from the clinic to diagnose hard to reach or less mobile people like the elderly around the village.

No amount is little! Update 4. Italian-below Hello to all Hummustown supporters! Exactly one year ago we launched our Crowdfunding Campaign to raise funds for our own professional kitchen. Thanks to your support both financial and emotional , the wonderful people we met along this journey, and the tenacity and dedication of the young men and women of Hummustown who constitute the heart and soul of this project, we made it! We raised Euro 36, — EURO 27, of which were donated online while the rest was from off-line donations, including various caterings and sales that were earmarked for the kitchen project.

See Excel Table Where do we go from here?