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It could be because the UFC has gotten so big, it has alienated a hardcore subset of fight fans through what they see as a sanitization that comes with near mainstream popularity. Read more : An illegal elbow, 2 knockdowns, and fighting after the bell: Watch Mairis Briedis beat Krzysztof Glowacki in wild, controversial circumstances. It not only adds intrigue to the encounter, but has captured the attention of the boxing public, as Malignaggi is an accomplished former pro.

What an animal! It has been earned and now deserved! What a great showing Jasonthekid Big respect! Feldman, a former pro boxer with a record of four wins against one loss, fought two underground bareknuckle fights in a warehouse environment in the s. This, he tells us, was before it became legal, and something he did out of curiosity. In boxing, you have a 10 oz. But this is not the case in bareknuckle, so you have to pick your shots carefully. A shot to the top of the dome, for example, could break your hand.

Your target, therefore, is the brow, eyes, temple, and nose. A shot to the side of the jaw, or through the chin from below, is fine. It is impossible to explain, you really have to feel it. But in terms of training, it is still boxing. Though Malignaggi can call upon a fight experience as a boxer, Lobov is the one with more competitive bareknuckle experience, having beaten Jason Knight in one of the combat fights of the year in April.

The pain is sharp. I like a brawl, a real fight, an exciting fight. And bareknuckle is the best sport for those types of fights. SBG are punks. Every single one of them. But also the rest of the guys like Artem. He felt slighted that he was recruited by McGregor to help him prepare for his crossover boxing rules contest against the unbeaten American fighter Floyd Mayweather, only to leave camp after a few days. Since then, he has been on a crusade to level the scoreline, and seemingly anyone from the Dublin gym will do.

A turning point for the UFC, meanwhile, was when Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar fought for the first time in — a fight heralded as the fight of the year because of its brutal excitement. Lobov vs. It was one of the best fights Feldman had ever seen live. It was a great fight, great for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, great for the sport of bareknuckle.

A lot of durability, heart. Just another day at the office for Artem Lobov and Jason Knight…last nights bout definitely made my top 5 greatest fights of all time…Probably going to throw away my bloody suit… bareknucklefc pic. People outside of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship may find the footage of the fight itself, together with the post-fight photographs, concerning.

But Feldman says the health and safety measures he puts in place are on a par with the UFC, with Bellator, and the elite boxing shows in the United States. John M.

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Neidecker, a sports concussion expert and the vice president for the Association of Ringside Physicians, told Business Insider it is actually hard to tell. Neidecker said that it is a continually evolving hot topic in combat sport. You can have a concussion that affects one or all of these things. Read more : Manny Pacquiao is risking brain damage by fighting in his 40s, his former promoter says. This promotion, looking at the fights that have happened … it seems that the lacerations are happening at a much higher rate than gloved boxing.

There might be a rate of more hand injuries, but that needs to be looked at objectively. Paulie is going to have to fight. It all changes. Everybody understands pain. Everybody understands broken jaws. And everybody understands knocked out teeth.

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One thing is for sure — both fighters will be swinging with bad intentions. They appear to genuinely dislike each other, which often makes for a dramatic build-up and compelling TV. There are people like that in this world where there is no talking to them. But you know what everybody understands? With , people expected to tune in to find out who beats who, Feldman may even have a surprise up his sleeve as a famous guest could be in attendance — Conor McGregor.

A bit of silence will be refreshing after all the f—— s— that he has been talking. Lobov is a very active fighter. The rush of prepping for work or school can almost make you feel relieved to jump in a car and sit in rush-hour traffic, listening to two DJs tell bad jokes and play weird sound effects. There is one time when you can actually relax — in the shower. To ensure that your shower is as relaxing as it can be, you will need to make some choices about the kind of shower head you want to use.

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Some shower heads will simply screw onto the water pipe that sticks out of the bathroom wall, which most people can handle themselves. Other shower heads require you to tear up drywall to install some components. Understand that you may need to hire a plumber to complete the job, so think about this added cost when purchasing a shower head.

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The shower head is a great size for a rain-style shower head, and the Moen S also offers immersion technology, which allows for a concentrated jet spray. A Great Shower says the rain-style shower is amazing and highlights how the shower head uses nozzles to create a rain-like shower. However, the advantage of this shower head is that it can also act as a high-pressure jet spray shower when you want to switch things up. Buyers on Amazon gave the shower head high ratings , with an average star rating of 4.

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Pros: Delivers good water pressure, saves money on your water bill, four colors available, great price point, primarily metal construction. The ShowerMaxx 6-Spray Detachable Handheld Shower Head can double as both a fixed shower head and a handheld one that you can use to direct water where you need it most. As an added benefit, the ShowerMaxx handheld shower head offers six different spray settings along with a 4. It also has a 4.

You can remove the water restrictor ring for more water flow, too at the risk of higher water bills. The flexible hose, which stretches over 6 feet, works great for bathing pets. One Amazon reviewer agreed, saying this handheld shower head is perfect for both pets and small children. How cool is that? If I want to. Hiding in my wireless noise cancelling headphones as the hostess tries to sell me perfume to make me irresistible to undefined ladies.

As if A nubile blowup web of wonders to titillate my animal cortex and deprive me of my earnings. Yet just last night I sat on earth in a round house in the woods round a fire in a circle holding hands, telling stories, singing chanting, zinging, enchanting. No app for that. My candle lit tribe may as well be Neolithic.

No phone, no plane, just a primitive dwelling and warm people.

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No central heating, no central cooling. Dwelling in the heart, in the drumming, in the warmth, in an encircling loving clan. New age, stoneage, versers jetage phoneage, baloney post truth age. Honestly, where would I prefer to be? There were a row of very expensive, very impressive looking yachts, then on that made them all look tiny - a yacht belonging to Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, which is, according to Wikipedia, that largest privately owned yacht in the world. Playing the Trump card A truncated Trump without a T is the back end of a bovine, full of shit, staking out a claim, dishing out the blame, trumpeting his horn, parading his strumpet, his corn, his bad dude attitude, tweeting his protectionist gun lovin' coal burning oil fired bull.

Fossil fuelled tyrannosaurus, making America grate again - spelled grate, g-r-a-t-e. Coming from a weekend of life drawing at Chawton village hall - the village where Jane Austin lived. The model is very classical, like the Greek muse Phryne, who may have been the original model for many classic Venus sculptures, this and dances as we draw, gradually loosing a loose veil. I am writing the poem on a tube, visiting an exhibition of the selfie at the Saatchi gallery.

The embryonic sun, egg yoke pale veiled through steamed up window morning crisp moist mist, brightening perceptibly as it warms and thins, turning walkers, cyclists, pushchairs, into loweryesque silhouettes between scenery flat pollarded plane trees, branches truncated, pruned to a fist by some zealous arborist. Commuters catch trains, but no catching eyes, squashed tight but trying not to touch, thumbs and eyes on screens, hiding in smartphones, in headphones in books, in papers, in texting, in morning rush hour ritual, habitual, tinted shades, painted faces, vacant gazes.

Inside my skin I feel same as ever, yet to her I'm impossibly old. Dry and wrinkly. I sit in a Turkish cafe with croissant and mint tea waiting for Saatchi, an exhibition of selfies. Behind the well worn breakfaster opposite me a poster girl on the wall, a juxtaposition, I sneak a photo. The arrogance of youth, the impossibility of death in the mind of someone living.

But not for long as I rejoin the throng heading north on the northern line as the tide returns at the latter end of the shift, to drift back to Camden Town and East Finchley, another working day for some, but not for me, a day of art, photography and poetry on the train, the boat, the bus, the plane, an April day in the metropolis. Epitaph to Gabs You nonchalantly saunter where angels fear to wander, skateboarding on thin ice, no dice, an unlucky spin of the wheel, a bad deal. Walking a high wire, wired, high, spinning plates crashing down, sad clown You're an angel now, Gabriel.

The creed of need, the call of capitalism the con of consumerism, our addiction to the sin of want and wanton greed. Everything must go, go where? Into a hole in the ground most likely, fantastic plastic, found in every far flung corner of the whole wide world from the depths of the arctic to a whorl in the Pacific. Chained to the High Street, where only the chains can afford to trade, the interesting traders are priced out, only global players compete in cut price battles and two for one deceit.

The chains are having a ball, shackling us all to a bland banality of mass produced brand new retail, same old same old, gift shop kitsch for tomorrow's car boot sale. Pirates take their bounty and loot, the masses head home with a car full of car booty. Alternative facts listening to the news, scary as a pantomime, politicians who tell us that this is the way it is, and others who deny it totally. This is the way it is, oh yes it is, oh no it's not. We only hear what we want to hear, listen out for what we already think we know, and somewhere it all comes full cycle, the far right meets the far left, that is natures way everything is shades of grey, and blue, and green, and magenta, and yellow and pink and the truth is malleable as putty, brain washing tosh.

Biggest Dick Not any old Tom dick or Harry - you have to be outstanding, raise the standard, poles apart, a Bonaparte, a flagpole, a pillar of the society, the biggest dick on the block, erect massive erections, towering sentinels, Trump towers, Nelson's columns, equestrian statues standing stiff, to attention, at general quarters, proud upstanding members of the community, not just any old Tom dick or Harry, but a dick with a capitol D, a dick of the highest order.

But it's true as the day He had nothing to say So he might just as well not have wasted the time. Old Age Old age, an old adage; do not go gentle into that good night, but already too late, as a gentle but goodly decline is exactly what is, sliding slowly into the depths, like an iron hull, a husk, lights going out, fading as dusk descends, the sun sinks, all the abilities of life withdraw into a waiting at the threshold.

Changes, slow astern, no lifeline, a long and leather wrinkled palm. A lifetime ago you faced the Atlantic squall in sou'westers, a strong grip on the salt encrusted teak rail, biked up hills in all weathers, with clipped trousers, bronzed hand on chrome bell bar, and landrovered in low gears over mountains, well worn wear shiny shift and steering wheel.

But now your hands lie soft in your lap, lost your way, losing your grip, a different incline edges you toward an edge that we know nothing of, no thought to look into the abyss, as thought has mostly gone, leaving dreams of memories of days long gone. Still an occasional sparkle and smile as an old you surfaces briefly, as a bubble, phrases emerge, half known, half heard, half seen, half remembered, half dead, this half life of unknown dimension, as eyes, ears, body and brain recede like an ebbing tide, mostly into sleep, a second childhood, with a lifetime's experience behind, and who knows what ahead?

And now your breath, unfaltering for nearly a century, slows and stalls. A few more breaths, a habit hard to break after all these years. The launching of the battleship Bismarck at Hamburg in Bismarck view from astern, before her May breakout to attack Allied shipping.


The stern fell off when she turned over on being sunk, due to poor welding. He and a second seaman also saw a Morse code flash, which they interpreted as surrender, along with a man waving semaphore flags conveying the same message. The Prime Minister wanted to avenge the Hood, on which all but three of its 1, crew had died.

Had the Bismarck been captured, the lives of hundreds of Germans could have been saved. There are strong arguments to support the Royal Navy's decision to ignore the attempt by some on Bismarck to surrender. According to Navy accounts, the Bismarck never stopped returning fire, so they were faced with little choice but to destroy it.

Terry Charman, senior historian at the Imperial War Museum, said: 'The Bismarck's admiral was a fairly fanatical believer in Hitler and the telegrams he sent were along the lines of "we will fight to the end". The revelation has been unearthed by author Iain Ballantyne for a book about the Bismarck which has been published 70 years after the sinking on May 27, Mr Byers, a gunnery officer on Rodney, saw the battle unfold through binoculars at a distance of two miles. The Rodney had closed to what was point-blank range in gunnery terms because the Bismarck was no longer firing back.

One particular fella on top of B turret was waving his arms in semaphore. In his account of the sinking he said he saw the morse signal. This was also reported by a sailor on the cruiser HMS Dorsetshire.

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Terry Charman, of the Imperial War Museum, said the admiral on Bismarck had sent telegrams to Hitler that the ship would fight to the end. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Should we have sunk the Bismarck? Share this article Share. The Bismarck at sea during her doomed May deployment into the Atlantic. Tommy Byers in towards the end of his Naval career.