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Although there are a plethora of school mediation programs there is very little research indicating the effectiveness of peer mediation on reducing violence and no known information on the effectiveness of peer mediation on reducing negative behaviors.

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This study used t-tests, correlation analysis, ANOVA, Kruskall-Wallis nonparametric test and educator surveys to measure the effectiveness of peer mediation on negative behaviors before and after the implementation of a peer mediation program. The t-tests revealed a significant decrease in negative behaviors after the implementation of the peer mediation program. The educator survey revealed that peer mediation lowered the incidents of negative behaviors on all of the measured factors based on the educators' opinions.

The correlation analysis ANOVA and Kruskall-Wallis nonparametric tests indicated that there was no significant relationship between the types of behaviors or between the results of the three middle schools. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of Peer Mediation programming, however, is the individualized, empowering experience that it offers to each student who utilizes it to resolve a conflict.

Peer Mediation Catches On, But Some Adults Don't

Students are empowered to resolve their conflicts independently and responsibly, without adult intervention, which is a significant milestone for youth development. Peer Mediators: A Complete School Curriculum Grades serves as a valuable and extensive collection of peer mediation training tools and resources.

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We have compiled common program and training objectives from over a dozen peer mediation curricula nationwide and have drawn from various standards of training, evaluation and best practices guidelines in order to establish a thorough program package. Peer Mediators consists of six elements to help you develop, train and maintain a successful peer mediation program in your school: A 30 -minute DVD with an introduction to the program and sample training and program vignettes.

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A page Program Implementation Guide, complete with handy checklists, assessments and program forms. A hour online "Train the Trainer" course in conflict and mediation theory, practice and engagement, along with a "how-to" train the Peer Mediators program. A page Trainer's Manual, complete with tips, program forms and over detailed activities, each with objectives, materials, time frames and easy to follow training instructions included.

A student workbook that can be customized to fit the needs of each training group. Ho w is the Peer Mediators curriculum different from other peer mediation programs?

Table of Contents

The Peer Mediators curriculum serves as an extensive and accessible collection of peer mediation training tools and resources. We began developing this program by compiling the common training objectives of peer mediation curricula nationwide and drew from various standards of training and best practices guidelines Including the Recommended Standards for School-Based Peer Mediation Programs put forth by the Association for Conflict Resolution in in order to establish a thorough training outline.

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Based on this outline, we then collected well-established peer mediation training activities and developed innovative new ones to suit and supplement each learning objective. The Peer Mediators curriculum represents the collected hours, expertise and efforts of dozens of peer mediation trainers, practitioners and researchers nationwide, brought together for the first time to design a comprehensive peer mediation training curriculum that can be used, customized and applied in nearly any school in the country. Additionally, we offer thePeer Mediators curriculum for FREE, opening up training opportunities to junior high schools that wish to have peer mediation programs but may not currently have the trainers or resources available or in place to do so.

Teaching Students to Be Peer Mediators - Educational Leadership

What if I have further questions or need assistance implementing the Peer Mediators program in my school? Skip to Main Content. District Home. Select a School Select a School.

Example of Online Peer Mediation Simulation - 1-min Video

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