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Research article 14 Jun As an example case study, the December flood in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, was investigated. Atmospheric conditions at the onset of the flood event are described and evaluated with respect to the general weather circulation, initial wetness, and event precipitation.

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Further, trend analyses show that both API and R3d have been increasing during recent years, while regional patterns match the north-eastward shift of cyclone pathways, leading to a higher risk of flooding in Schleswig-Holstein. Results can be expected to lead to improved adaptation measures to floods under climate change conditions wherever catchments have to be drained and infrastructures and ecosystems may be harmed.

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Annales Geophysicae. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. Climate of the Past. Earth Surface Dynamics. Earth System Dynamics. of the Colossus / PS4 Pro German Gameplay Let's Play Deutsch

Geoscience Communication. Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems. Geoscientific Model Development.

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Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics. The Cryosphere. Advances in Geosciences.

'Schade' vs. 'Leider'

Encyclopedia of Geosciences. The same could be said for "schade" only that it is also not used like "unfortunately" more like "unfortunate" as it is an adjective, but don't place it before nouns.

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Raisinnoir made a good comparison to "a shame". Although that is a noun, it is basically used like "schade" if you say it like "It's a shame.

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The translation there would be "die Schande", mind the "n". So if you hear these words, picture a long and sorry sigh and you have a good understanding of what they mean. Gehen: Many, many. Duden brings that down to fifteen each with some submeanings.

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  4. PS: You would probably also need to be aware of the dozens of prefix versions of "gehen". Some as unusual as "gutgehen" more often: "gut gehen".

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    Which has basically two meanings: "Das geht gut. Eg "Es ist leider wahr" means "It's unfortunately true". Get started.